Debbie Draper Educational Consultant

The materials and resources below are designed to support the Holdfast Partnership with planning and assessment.

They include materials from the Student Free Day held on Friday 9th March, 2018 plus some extra resources that may be of use.

General Resources - handouts from the day

Overview of the day - graphic showing content and conceptual links

Critical and Creative Thinking Skills Continuum - from the Australian Curriculum website

Literacy Learning Progressions - from the Australian Curriculum website

Planning for Assessment - planning sheet unpacking the Achievement Standards and evidence required

Ideas to help with planning for A level achievement - using Bloom's Taxonomy, Webb's Depth of Knowledge and SOLO taxonomy to extend student thinking

Science Formative Assessment Example - planning for assessment against the A to E grading system

BiTL questioning tools and printables are all available here 


Mathematics Portfolios - Australian Curriculum

Science Portfolios - Australian Curriculum

For other AC learning areas start here

Examples of Formative Assessment - a few examples of formative assessment from the West Virginia Dept of Edn.

Sixty Formative Assessment Strategies - background on formative assessment, what to use plus the strategies

Formative Assessment Strategies - 56 ways to gather evidence of student achievement

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority have developed Standards elaborations that may provide some guidance about how to make consistent, comparable and defensible A to E judgments about the evidence of achievement in a folio of student work. The site can be reached here


Enhancing the Australian Curriculum through STEM

Australian Curriculum - Technologies and STEM

National STEM school education strategy

ACARA's STEM connection project (secondary examples)

STEM support materials from NSW Education Authority

Advice on planning for STEM (please note this material is not directly linked to the Australian Curriculum)

STEM education in Victoria (please note the Victorian Curriculum differs slightly from the Australian Curriculum)

Visible Thinking

Visible Thinking Project Zero Harvard Graduate School of Education

Thinking Routines pdf from Ron Ritchhardt

Visible thinking routines from A Culture of Thinking weebly

Visible Thinking Thinking Routines

Think from the Middle Rochester Community Schools

One Minute PL Visible Thinking playlist here

One Minute PL Inquiry Cycle playlist here