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Contributing to Your Educational Institution’s Success

It’s no secret that creating innovative curriculum and adopting new approaches are crucial to a school’s success in achieving student and staff academic growth. However, many educational institutions face challenges in doing those things. Demands on schools to achieve have never been higher, and there is a temptation to adopt the latest programmes without the time to consider whether they are right for your context .

What I Can Do for You

I am an educational consultant specialising in designing quality learning for different school contexts. Working closely with you and your staff, I will take time to listen to your needs, identify your priorities, and establish your learning context. From there, I will tailor a learning plan to satisfy your school’s requirements.

Explore a wide variety of effective options and strategies with Debbie Draper Educational Consultant. Reach out to me in Barossa Valley, South Australia today to get schedule a consultation.


All my teacher and leader friends, this is Debbie Draper's new business and so many of you would know her from her amazing work in the Barossa and Northern Adelaide region. Also, many of the great resources I've shared and still use in my site, especially comprehension and AC resources have been developed by her, so she is absolutely brilliant! If you are looking for any inspiration in your school, Debbie is the best person for the job!

- Principal, South Australia

Read about the Northern Adelaide Regions' comprehension strategy here

"I have a great deal of admiration for the way you have sought to connect with site staff and leaders and your strong commitment to this being a collaborative and collegial venture. I have had some very positive feedback from sites about the professional learning activities you have designed and implemented and your willingness to tailor this learning to the needs of the school.

It has been obvious to me in our conversations that you are passionate about learning – for staff & leaders, students and yourself! You provide a wonderful role model for those around you and this is a quality that serves you well as a regional leader."

Regional Leader, Northern Adelaide

"Another driving force was that the Northern Adelaide Region’s focus was Comprehension. We knew that we could access really good quality professional development through the Region. We didn’t have to go and source it ourselves. So it was like a perfect storm – comprehension was a need of the school, the staff were in agreement and the opportunities were there in the region (for what turned out to be really high quality and well resourced PD). "

Principal, Northern Adelaide

You have made a significant and sustained contribution as a leader of the Region’s Comprehension focus. Your work output has been extensive, but has also been characterised by a deep engagement with the topic. As a result, your knowledge and commitment has deeply influenced the way you are able to provide leadership, support and guidance to sites and to colleagues. Our leadership group, for example, consistently looks to you to provide direction, to unpack new ideas and initiatives and to liaise with central office

- Assistant Regional Director, Northern Adelaide

Debbie's use of data to inform learning and teaching is outstanding. She has helped leaders in the region to understand the importance of the improvement cycle. She has extensive experience with planning and presenting PD which is of the highest level. Her knowledge of pedagogy and curriculum is excellent

- Debbie Draper Educational Consultant Client

Debbie is a creative and critical thinker, has high-order synthesis skills, and an ability to create adult learning that has relevance and fosters engagement

- Debbie Draper Educational Consultant Client

Debbie provides inspiration to all by her deep knowledge base, her understanding of the curriculum and the positive links to learning she fosters

- Debbie Draper Educational Consultant Client

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